Founded in 1968, University Sports Union of Nis (USUN) actually consists of sports associations of the faculties of University of Nis. It has been formed for the purposes of organizing various sports events, popularization of the physical culture among the students' population, forming the university sports clubs and representations, cooperation with other sports unions, domestic and foreign, and general improving of sportive life at the University of Nis.


University Sports Union of Nis organizes many students' sports events, but most important one is University Sports League, for the men and women competition in futsal, basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis, chess, shooting and tennis. Also, students' open championships are organized, in judo, karate, cross, swimming, skiing and athletics. During the year, cup competitions take place as well, in the sports mentioned above (University Cup, USUN Cup, City Cup, etc). Beside sports competition, USUN organizes recreational sportive activities for students (swimming school, skiing course, etc).


USUN founded few students' sports clubs, under the name "Student": futsal, basketball (men, women), volleyball (men, women), chess, rugby and go club. All of them are now independent and they compete as professional clubs.


From 2000, within the USUN, there are new students' sports clubs, in futsal and volleyball, which compete under the name "Academian".


USUN is member of University Sports Union of Serbia, so it participates in the National University Championships and Universiades, both as competitor and organizer.  


International program is realized through participating of students of University of Nis in representative students' sports selections of Serbia, and cooperation with foreign universities.


From year 2005, many sports teams from University of Nis took part on European university Championships:

basketball in Poland - 2005 (silver medal); football in Serbia (Nis) - 2005; handball in France - 2006; volleyball in Netherlands - 2006; football in Netherlands - 2006 (bronze medal); tennis in Netherlands - 2006; basketball in Portugal - 2006; futsal in Serbia - 2006; handball in Poland - 2007; volleyball in Italy - 2008; table tennis in Italy - 2008; futsal in Poland - 2008; handball in Serbia (Nis) - 2008.


Basketball team took part at Baltic University sports games - SELL games in Estonia 2006 (Silver medal) and in Finland  2008 (Bronze medal).


USUN organized great sports events, domestic and international. In year 1989, USUN was host of 8th Univerziade of SFR Yugoslavia, and in year 1997 organized first and only Univerziade of SR Yugoslavia. Two times, in 1994 and 1996, USUN was organizer of state championship of futsal. The most important international events were 3rd European university football championship (11th to 17th July 2005) and 3rd European university handball championship (21st -26th July 2008).



Members of the USUN Executive committee:

MA Nebojsa Jovanovic, president

Vesna Marinkovic, generaly secretar

Marko Djordjevic- PMF

Uros Urosevic - GAF

Nikola Andrejevic - Ekonomski

Bratislav Vukajlovic - Elektronski

Milos Stojanovic - Masinski

Aleksandar Vuckovic - Pravni

Mihajlo Ilic - Filozofski

Marko Popovic - Fakultet sporta

Lazar Sosic - FZNR

Zoran Vujic - Visa